Lucy Stoner
Lucy Stoner
Lucy loves the clean!


CrossFit Level 1

Nutrition 1


Lucy Stoner

Lucy's athletic background began in Argentina playing handball and soccer, experiences that instilled in her a deep understanding of teamwork and dedication. Notably, Lucy's handball team achieved great success, making it to regionals, a testament to her leadership and skill. Lucy has navigated significant changes in her life as both an immigrant from Argentina and now a military spouse.

These experiences have instilled in her a profound resilience and adaptability, qualities she brings to both her personal life and coaching style. She understands firsthand the challenges of constant change and is dedicated to helping others overcome obstacles and thrive in any situation.

Lucy's journey to becoming a coach is deeply rooted in the inspiration she received from previous coaches and mentors who pushed her to new heights. Their guidance taught her the value of perseverance and determination, qualities she still believes in today. She also finds joy in helping others succeed, both inside and outside of the gym.